Why the name Mime Swim?

The name originates in Pantomime.

Pantomime is an art form in which actions are employed in place of words and where it isn't necessary to be loud in order to be heard.

The ocean is one of the last places you can experience silence. No voices other than those within and the sounds of the sea. You express yourself in silence when entering the sea - whether for surfing, diving or swimming.  

Body language and clarity of purpose accentuate the idea that you don't need to surrender to the obvious social media platforms to be relevant, By avoiding the quicksand of blatant self promotion so frequently associated with corrosive media, every gesture can be one of intent rather than self indulgence. 


What is the Lycra made from?

Mime Swim uses regenerated material that has been harvested from "ghost" fishing nets. Volunteer divers currently working in the Adriatic, Mediterranean and North seas retrieve abandoned fishing nets from these heavily over-fished oceans. The collected tangles of man-made pollution are shipped to our supplier in Italy where they are recycled and re-born as new fabric. The process is begun by people dedicated to counteracting lazy practices that damage our environment. It carries through to consumers who prefer to make a difference through careful purchasing.


Where is the swimwear manufactured?

Mime Swim is designed and constructed in Australia.

After researching the market we discovered how loosely the label ‘Australian’ could be used. What we found was that some brands design processes happened in Australia, but more often than not, all the manufacturing happens in China, Indonesia and India. Of course other countries do have great manufacturing, though for Mime Swim we didn’t feel confident in not being able to directly oversee the process as a whole.

Through our research we found it possible to competitively produce within Australia. Also, most importantly, we are lucky to collaborate with some of Australia’s talented seamstresses who purely enjoy their craft.


Creative Director

Growing up in the coastal town of Lennox Head I was constantly in the water. Surfing was and still is a way for me to relax and think whilst getting great exercise. Even typing this, I'm constantly anticipating my next surf.

Deciding to start a line of sustainable swimwear was inevitable. Spending most of my life either in the water or on it, has given me a view on what works and what doesn’t. I’m very passionate about utilizing new technologies that will help clean up and protect the environment. I appreciate fashion, especially swimwear, and couldn’t find a sustainable option that I would wear. 

Mime Swim was born out of the desire for good quality, timeless and sustainable pieces.

This inspired me to take the plunge and start a brand that merged sustainability with luxury. Today's products have a tendency to be fast, cheap and disposable. Everything matters in a world of finite resources. Companies produce clothing that is worn a few times and then tossed in the bin. As reported, Fiber consumption will grow from 74.4M tonnes to 96.4M tonnes between 2010 and 2020 (Source: PCI fibres Red Book published May 2012).

Mime Swim aims to take a step back from fast fashion, and a step forward in luxury sustainable swimwear.

Lets make the change. In this digital age where information has become rushed, let’s sit down and take some time to make something worth talking about.